What is a strategy consultant?

How can a strategy consultant help me & my business?


If you’re making some big decisions about your business then a strategy consultants advice is golden!

Stripping away the mumbo-jumbo; a simple answer to “what is a strategy consult? A strategy consultant is an individual or agency who advise organisations on high-level decisions. They utilise their knowledge, deep research skills & creativity to provide unprejudiced & impartial guidance on often critical & larger projects - which usually carry significant risk but large rewards.

Who would a strategy consultant work with in my business?

Strategy consulting is a form of Management Consulting. As the name suggests a strategy consultant will work directly or closely with key shareholders such as managing directors, CEOs, COOs, the board of directors or senior management.

What industries do strategy consultants work with?

A strategy consultants service clients in every format of organisation; in any sector or industry. Whether your business is a public sector body, private entities, a sole trade, an NGO or even a charity. Strategy consultants work a wide array of projects & issues.

An example of a project a strategy consultant would work on

The following YouTube video provides a fantastic overview of the life of a strategy consulting during a project.

Although, we do add that this in particular consultant works for McKenzie, a bluechip consulting consultant.

Mckenzie, Deloitte, KMPG, PwC, EY & other consulting agencies are multi-billion pound strategy consultants working on gargantuan sized issues & projects for businesses such as Ford, HMRC, British Airways and other FTSE 100 companies.

what is a strategy consultant

Reliable, informed & impartial advice should be accessible for all

MKTG believe all businesses should have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge & services of strategy & management consultant.

Strategy guidance is good for peoples prosperity, it’s great for the economy & ultimately great for business & consumers alike.

“At MKTG Our strategic marketing consultants provide high quality, great value strategy services for everybody from especially startups & small-to-medium sized businesses.”
— J Thorpe, Managing Director of MKTG

Why have I never heard of a strategy consultant or a management consultant before?

The services offered by a strategy consultant perhaps haven’t been apparent to small-to-medium sized business perhaps because until recent times they have only been accessible to big pocketed large businesses.

Now the accessibility of strategy consultants is more attainable for small-medium sized business in part because of a disruption of the professional services sector that has been occurring for many years now. Smaller & more agile non-traditional consultancy businesses; such as MKTG are utilising increasingly sophisticated business models to drive down the cost of services & creating real competition for larger traditional consultancy firms.

The traditional strategy consulting model hadn’t changed in over a century - large organisations with a great pool of human resources & vast data (what was once inaccessible to the average Joe), would pore vast amounts of time & energy into finding solutions for a organisations biggest problem - for a substantial fee.

Big data, artificial intelligence & predictive technology now delivers lightening fast insights - much faster than traditional consulting firms could have conceived.

Big data, artificial intelligence & predictive technology now delivers lightening fast insights - much faster than traditional consulting firms could have conceived.

Due in part to technological advancements such as the improvement of AI, extremely powerful free software such as Google Analytics, community sourced e-commerce platforms such as Magento & affordable CRM software such as Salesforce now provide facilities & data analysis in a fraction of time that once only large consulting firms could assist with.

A significant improvement in connectivity & along with a shift towards gig-economies - strategy consultants such as MKTG can now offer once unattainable services for a fraction of the cost.

Traditional strategy consultants also relied heavily on their reputation & brand along with their consultants academic pedigree. Now thanks to a slight leveling of the playing field; smaller consultants are able to compete via social proof, decreased client risk, speed & a network of freelance specialists.

The disruption of large consulting firms has been documented significantly from the early 2000s. A report by Harvard Business Review also illustrated the “problem” for the larger consulting firms. You can read more here: Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption - Harvard Business Review - October 2013 >

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